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panca – zero mouse by unique form design

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Panca,- The concept of the ZERO MOUSE is reduction. Weight, environmental pollution and technology space are reduced to a minimum. The mouse body is made of aluminium. These Material not only allows the reduction of weight, but also guarantees the recycling capability of the mouse. Compared to a plastic mouse, this material also increases the visuals and physical quality of the mouse, giving the user a valuable design product.
Through its symmetrical design, the mouse can be use for both right and left handed people. The mouse rechargeable battery is charged by a thin metal pad using magnetic induction as technology. The user has only to lay down the mouse on the panel and charging begins. Having no connectors the design of the charging station follows the same criteria as the zero mouse itself.

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Author: Panca

Berupaya memfasilitasi hak pendidikan anak-anak Indonesia

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