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Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Application Templates Grouped by Business Area


To provide a better understanding of how the Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 can add value to your business, the templates have been mapped to common business areas within an organization. These groupings help put into context how the application templates can applied to specific processes or sets of tasks, whether within business groups or for certain job functions, to enable team collaboration and enhance productivity.

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There are two types of Application Templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: site admin templates and server admin templates. This provides the right combination of integration with the Windows SharePoint Services platform and ease-of-deployment within an organization. To help differentiate between these two types, all server admin templates are labeled with an asterisk (*) in the following groupings.

Click the names to read a description and download each application template.
Business Management/Finance

Business Management and Finance groups can often work with a variety of different business applications and systems. The application templates in this group help pull some of that work together into one common system. For example, the application templates for managing disputed invoices and expense reports can help bring two separate finance processes together in a common SharePoint site. For business management, working with a compliance process or performance reporting can be enhanced with an application template.

* Board of Directors
* Business Performance Reporting
* Compliance Process Support Site*
* Disputed Invoice Management
* Expense Reimbursement and Approval*
* Request for Proposal

Human Resources

The Human Resources team can benefit from a variety of application templates designed to simplify complex organizational processes and help control the flow of information. Templates in this group work well when used directly by HR team members, though many can also be shared with the entire organization to provide self-service access to benefits and other information. Application templates that provide a single source for schedules and data can also help coordinate the hiring process and absence/vacation planning management.

* Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management*
* Employee Activities Site
* Employee Self-Service Benefits
* Employee Training Scheduling and Materials
* Job Requisition and Interview Management*


Application templates focused on the Operations and IT groups can be used to help keep day-to-day business operations running smoothly and assist with managing projects. Templates in this group cover a broad range of operations solutions, from organizing and coordinating customer service and support teams to assisting with managing inventory, physical assets, and room and equipment reservations. IT teams can use the templates to manage bug reports and help desk requests.

* Bug Database*
* Call Center*
* Help Desk*
* Inventory Tracking*
* IT Team Workspace*
* Lending Library*
* Physical Asset Tracking and Management*
* Room and Equipment Reservations*

Project Tracking/Product Management

These templates were created to help keep the flow of information moving and assist with the tracking and managing of one or many projects. Project Tracking and Product Management teams can benefit from the application templates in this group by being able to capture and share team knowledge while keeping members all on the same page.

* Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects*
* Change Request Management*
* Discussion Database
* Document Library and Review*
* Knowledge Base*
* Project Tracking Workspace*
* Team Work Site
* Timecard Management


Sales and Marketing teams perform often need to be kept up-to-date on the latest information and competitive knowledge to perform. The application templates in this group were created specifically to help those teams stay on top with scenarios that help manage sales leads and contacts, organize competitive analysis, and assist with marketing campaigns and new product planning.

* Competitive Analysis Site
* Contacts Management*
* Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking
* Product and Marketing Requirements Planning
* Sales Lead Pipeline*


The templates in this group relate to more specialized tasks or specific industry verticals, though some may crossover into other business areas. Use these templates if your organization is involved in one of the industries listed or has a specific business need for which the template can provide a solution.

* Case Management for Government Agencies (Government)
* Classroom Management (Education)
* Clinical Trial Initiation and Management (Health Care)
* Equity Research (Financial Services)
* Event Planning (Professional Services)*
* Manufacturing Process Management (Manufacturing)
* New Store Opening (Retail)
* Sports League (Entertainment and Consumer)

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